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doraemon -made by me with water colours and earbuds. my sister (nabila,also uploads her arts on extra talent) helped me to make this

Fighting Airplane

Gold medal won in maths olympiad

F1 racing car

F1 racing car made by me (Mohammad Naafe) with the help of tools from mechanix 

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Mohammad Sajid

Is There Any Disadvantage Of Splitting Up Your Application Data Into A Number Of Different Databases?

When there are relations between tables / objects across the different databases, then there is a disadvantage indeed: if you would restore a dump of one of the databases, those relations may not be consistent anymore. This means that you should always back up a consistent set of databases is the unit of backup / restore. Therefore, when making this kind of design decision, backup/restore issues should be considered.

Mohammad Sajid

Sybase Database: sync logins & users

sp_configure "allow updates", 1


/* delete names not found in master syslogins */ more

Madiha sharf

Madhubani painting !

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